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Survey of Huangyan

Town of Tangerine in China”—Huangyan at the central part of the golden coastline of Zhejiang and at the south of Shanghai Economic Zone lies at 120°16’ east longitude and 28°40’ north latitude, with the monsoon climate of subtropical zone, the annual average temperature of 17ºC, annual average railfall of 1,676mm, the controlled area of 988 square kilometers and a population of 567,000.
Huangyan enjoys a long history. During the Neolithic Age human being began its proliferation here. In the 2nd year of Tangshangyua(A.D.675) Yongning County was established here and in the reign of Tianshou(A.D.690) renamed Huangyan County until now. In 1989, it was calssified as a city by canceling its county level and in 1994 it was established as one of the main city districts by canceling its city level.
With the name of “Little Zhoulu", Huangyan is developed in science and education, numerous in talents, simple in folk customs and stable in society. Its natural landscapes, relics and scenic spots constitute a distinctive gorgeous painting of kangerine town.
Abounding in produce, it serves as a county of per-mu grain output across “Outlines” and beyond “Double Outlines” in China, world-famous for its Huangyan tangerine. Since reform and opening to the outside world, Huangyan has developed into a top industrial county(city and district) from a top agricultural county, which has entered the line of “100 Top Counties(Cities)of the Country in Rural Comprehensive Power” twice and won the ranks of “Star County(City) of China” and “Well-to-do County(City)of Zhejiang Province”. Its GDP and total financial revenue are listed at the front line of the country.
With advantageous environment, Huangyan has preliminarily built up its traffic system of sea, land and air. Huangyan Airport acts as the first civil airport of county level in the country. Complete in infrastructure such as communication, power supply and water supply, it is experiencing the profound changes in its urban outlook.
Huangyan enjoys its glorious past as well as its brilliant future.



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